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Requesting an Interpreter

We take requests for interpreters for Deaf people in a variety of situations from many different organizations. We do have a few staff interpreters, but the bulk of work is referred to independent sub-contractors. Much of our work centers on finding the interpreter best suited for each assignment and subsequently managing the schedules of approximately fifty interpreters.

When making a request for services there is some basic information required. We need to know the following:

1. Name of Deaf Person
2. Date, time, location and anticipated duration of appointment
3. Site contact name and phone number
4. Information pertinent to your agency billing requirements (eg.; DOB, SSN, Patient ID#)

Other information that is also helpful to know, if you have it:

1. Name of the Deaf patients preferred interpreter(s)
2. Nature of appointment
3. Realistic anticipation of wait time prior to appointment

We are open weekdays 9:00-noon, and 1:00-5:00. Leaving a detailed request on our voice mail or fax number is satisfactory when enough information and notice are provided. Please leave your name and number for us to call back should we require clarification. You can also email us at

We also have an Interpreter Request Form (Word format) you can download, fill out and fax to us at (415) 356-0495.

We prefer to have five working days advance notice, and additional notice is appreciated. We are sometimes able to place interpreters with less notice, as interpreter availability varies significantly.



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